The Guide to the World of Light Opera and Operetta

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Operetta (It., diminutive of 'opera'; Fr. opérette; Ger. Operette; Sp. opereta). A light opera with spoken dialogue, songs and dances. The form flourished in Europe and the USA during the second half of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th. In the 17th and 18th centuries the term 'operetta' was applied in a more general way to a variety of stage works which were shorter or otherwise less ambitious than opera, such as vaudeville, Singspiel and ballad opera. It is still in use on the Continent for new works akin to the Musical Comedy, into which the operetta evolved in English-speaking countries.

The policy of the Théâtre de l'Opéra-Comique to favour works of more serious pretensions left a gap between opéra comique and vaudeville, a gap that the operetta filled. The success and popular acclaim accorded Offenbach's opéras bouffes, an individual new form of entertainment, led the operetta to become established as a separate genre, and the resultant attempts to emulate Offenbach's success abroad brought into being other national schools of operetta and established the genre internationally.

"Taken from The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians"


Paul Abraham

Edmond Audran

Ralph Benatsky

Louis Beydts

Paul Burkhard

Manuel Fernández Caballero

Alfred Cellier


Henri Christiné

Frederic Clay

Charles Cuvillier

Alphons Czibulka

Rudolph Dellinger

Nico Dostal

Isaak Dunayevsky

Ludwig Englander

Edmund Eysler

Leo Fall

Ferenc Farkas

Rudolf Friml

Louis Ganne

Richard Genée

Edward German

Jean Gilbert

Jerónimo Giménez [Jiménez] (y Bellido)

Bruno Granichstaedten

Reynaldo Hahn


Victor Herbert


Richard Heuberger

Victor Holländer

Jenö Huszka

Victor Jacobi

Georg Jarno

Leon Jessel

Sidney Jones

Pongrác Kacsóh

Emmerich Kálmán

Rudolf Kattnigg

Gustave Kerker

Walter Kollo

Reginald de Koven

Eduard Künneke

Paul Lacome

László Lajtha

Charles Lecoq

Franz Lehár

Walter Leigh

Paul Lincke

Francis Lopez

André Messager

Karl Millöcker

Yury Milyutin

Raoul Moretti

Adolf Müller, jr

Oskar Nedbal

Jacques Offenbach

Montague Phillips

Giuseppe Pietri

Robert Planquette

Fred Raymond

Heinrich Reinhardt

Victor Roger

Sigmund Romberg

Louis Roth

Gaston Serpette

Friedrich Schröder

Vincent Scotto

Dmitri Shostakovich

Edward Solomon

John Philip Sousa

Robert Stoltz

Johann Strauss Jnr

Oscar Straus

Sir Arthur Sullivan

Albert Szirmai

Józef Szulc

Claude Terrasse

Federico Moreno Torroba

Enrico Toselli

Franz von Suppé

Louis Varney

Léon Vasseur

Maurice Yvain

Ivan Zajc

Carl Zeller

C.M. Ziehrer

Hermann Zumpe


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