Cover to cast recordingLÀ-HAUT

Comic operetta in 3 acts, 4 scenes: B ook by Yves Mirande and Gustave Quinson: Lyrics by Albert Willemetz. Directed by Max de Rieux

Là-Haut was first presented at the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens on the 31st of March, 1923. with Maurice Chevalier, almost his first role, Dranem, Gabin (the father), Mary Malbos and Louis Blanche.


Act 1

We are in heaven, an immense blue area with a few clouds.

But, in heaven, there are people and even fashionable people: a number of angels as ravishing as flimsy dresses whose sex cannot be doubted or disputed and, of course, to guard this heavenly place, St Peter, a really good chap. And now, this happy harmony is disturbed by the arrival of a Parisian dandy, called Evariste Chanterelle, accompanied by his guardian angel, Frisotin. A handsome man and a great lover of tasty morsels of the fairer sex, the said Evariste begins to get interested in the charming “chosen ones”, while still keeping an eye on the earth and more particularly, on his former home. What he sees does not please him at all. He discovers that his cousin, Martel, is avidly courting his wife, the pretty Emma. Very intrigued, he asks St Peter for home leave for him and his guardian angel so as to put things in better order down on earth.

Act 2

Evariste’s villa in Auteuil.

Having become an earthling again, but not having had time to change his appearance, Evariste loses no time in reconquering Madame Chanterelle who, anyway, hasn’t recognised him immediately in his appearance as a celestial being. He takes infinite pleasure in this discovery while his guardian angel, who is, in fact, his chauffeur, is delighted to find himself among the grisettes, his friends.

Act 3

Scene 1

Heaven, as in Act 1.

Evariste and Frisotin go back up to heaven but take their time. St Peter is furious. They have overstayed their leave by a long time and he throws them out.

Scene 2

The garden of Evariste’s villa.

Evariste wakes up by the side of his Emma. It has all been a dream. Then, still smiling, Evariste sings The only True Paradise and This is Paris.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Introduction an choir of Angels
  2. As Soon as One Enters Paradise - St Peter & Angels
  3. Là-Haut - Evariste and ensemble
  4. Duet of Angels
  5. The First Paradise is Paris - Evariste
  6. Celestial Hilarity - Frisotin and angels
  7. Finale Act 1 - The First Paradise
  8. To Be a Widow - Emma and chorus of friends
  9. Because - Emma
  10. Suffer Then, My Guardian Angel - Frisotan, Evariste
  11. It Is the Life - Frisotin
  12. If You Don't Like It - Evariste
  13. Yes, I Still Love You - Emma, Evariste
  14. Love Me, Emma - Frisotin
  15. All Is Dark, I Am Dark - Frisotin
  16. Finale Act 2 - I Get Kicked Out, You Do Too
  17. I'm Ambivalent - Frisotin
  18. Risk It Anna - Evariste
  19. Finale