Cover to D'Oyly Carte 1975 RecordingTrial By Jury

a dramatic cantata in 1 act by W.S. Gilbert. Music by Arthur Sullivan.

Royalty Theatre 25 March 1875.


The opera opens in the Court of the Exchequer where Edwin, the Defendant, has been summoned to meet the charge of breach of promise of marriage to Angelina, the Plaintiff. The public gallery is full of interested onlookers, the jury are in their box and the Usher delivers a homily to them; when Edwin enters it is quite obvious that he is a devious character. The Judge appears and his splendid song informs the Court that there couldn't be a better person on the Bench to try the case.

The jury is sworn in; a chorus of bridesmaids arrives to be followed shortly by Angelina herself, all of whom have a devastating effect on the susceptible Judge. The Defendant conducts his own defence, saying that his nature is such that he is quite capable of marrying "one lady today and the other tomorrow". Counsel for the Plaintiff points out that this would be a very serious offence; a dilemma is reached which the Judge settles immediately by offering to marry Angelina himself.

Cast of Characters

The Learned Judge
The Plaintiff
The Defendant
Counsel for the Plaintiff
Foreman of the Jury

Bridesmaids and Jurors