Operetta in 3 acts: Book by Victor Léon and Leo Stein, Music By Johann Strauss II completed by Adolf Müller Jnr.

Carltheater, Vienna - 26 October, 1899
Broadway Theatre, New York (as Vienna Life) 23 January, 1901 (35 perfs)

Count Balduin Zedlau, ambassador of the tiny court of Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz, is posted to Vienna. His wife Gabrielle is Viennese and loves the city, but he prefers the quiet of the countryside. But things soon change and he becomes a man of the world, taking Franziska (Franzi) Cagliari as his mistress,

Act I

Franzi is living with the Count at his country retreat. The dancer's father, thinking the Count a bachelor, hopes his daughter will marry him, but the Count becomes attracted to the model, Pepi Pleininger. On the advice of Josef, his valet, the Count writes to Pepi inviting her to another of his villas at Heitzing. Josef, engaged to Pepi, is unaware that it is to she to whom the invitation has been sent. Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach, Prime Minister of Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz, pays an unexpected visit ti the villa. He assumes that Franzi is the Count's wife and when the real Countess arrives he believes her to be the Count's mistress! Zedlau enters and with some embarrassment, whispers to the Prince, "Introduce her (Franzi) as your wife." But the Prince, mistaking him, presents the Countess as his wife!

Act II.

A party is in progress in the palace of Count Bitowski and when Count Zedlau encounters both his wife and mistress, an explanation is demanded. He makes various excuses, but both ladies disbelieve him. Pepi arrives, having been invited by Franzi, and the Count hands her a letter he has written. Pepi agrees to the rendezvous. When the Countess asks her husband to accompany her to a festival, he excuses himself by saying that he must attend the Prince after the ball. Knowing this to be untrue, since she and the Prince have straightened out their respective identities, they decide to carry on a flirtation, planning to attend the festival together.

Act III.

Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach is present at the festival at Heitzing with the Countess. Franzi is with the valet Josef, while the Count accompanies Pepi. All ends happily, however, the Count falling in love with the Countess again, while Franzi is happy with the Prince and Josef and Pepi are reunited.

Principal Cast:

Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach of Reuss-Griez-Schliez (bass)
Count Zedlau, Ambassador from Reuss-Griez-Schliez (tenor)
Countess Zedlau
Rudolph Kaegler, father of Franziska

Gabriele, his wife (soprano)
Franziska (Franzi) Cagliari, a ballet dancer (soprano)
Betty, maid to Franziska Cagliari

Pepi Peininger, a milliner's model - (soprano)
Josef, Count Zedlau's valet - (tenor)
Theresa, Tyrolean Danseuse
Prince Bitowski
Marguerite, Ursula, Marie, Luise, Hortense, Agnes, Amelia, Rose, Katrina, Rodolfo
Captain of Gendarmes

Milliners, Bird-sellers, Peddlers, Peasants, Lancers, Pages, Maids of Honour, Court Ladies, Tyrolean Singers, etc.

Scenes and Settings

Act 1: The villa of Count Zedlau, in the environs of Vienna.
Act 2: Ballroom in Prince Bitowski's palace.
Act 3: Casino at Hietzing, near Vienna.