Re-working of Kukuschka (1898) - (1905)
(Music by Franz Lehár: Libretto by Felix Falzari and Max Kalbeck)


Tatjana, daughter of a Volga fisherman, is loved at first sight by Alexis, a soldier. He defends her against Sascha, a Cherkessian who wants her, and then defends her father against the villagers who suspect the old man of witchcraft. In doing this he strikes the village elder, for which he is banished to the Siberian goldmines. Here Alexis meets Sascha again, who tries to kill him, but Alexis turns the tables and spares him. In gratitude, Sascha helps him escape. Tatjana arrives, ragged and exhausted, and follows Alexis into the steppe, where they die together in a snowstorm.

The score includes the exhilarating Russian Peasant Dances and the fine tenor aria 'Gedenke mein'.

Principals: 3 Female, 2 Male, SATB Chorus.

Sets: 1

Orchestra: 2.Picc 2.Ca 2. Bass Cl 2.CBsn/4231/Perc/Hp/Strings

Language Version: G