Sleeve to 1992 live cast recordingROSE DE NOËL

(Music by Franz Lehár: Book and lyrics by Raymond Vincy. Music adapted from Lehár melodies by Professor Rekaï and Paul Bonneau)
Théâtre du Châtelet - 20 December, 1958


Determined to stop the romantic scandals of Count Michael Andrassy, the Emperor Franz Joseph appoints him Governor of the provincial garrison town of Losoncz. Arriving at his new post Michael meets and falls genuinely in love with Vilma, the daughter of Colonel Tabakovitz, Commandant of the garrison. Michael's past inevitably blocks the path of true love and it is only through the timely intervention of the Empress Elizabeth that the lovers are able to find happiness.


2 Female, 4 Male, SATB Chorus.

  • Vilma
  • Comte Michel Andrassy
  • Totsi
  • Lieutenant Sandor Varga
  • Colonel Tibor Tabakowitz
  • Popelka
  • Ludovica
  • Schwab
  • Mathias

Plus chorus

Musical Numbers:

  1. Ouverture er dialogue ACTE i
  2. "Rendez-vous d'amour" (Michel)
  3. "Promenade dominicale" (ensemble)
  4. "Amour et giberne" (Popelka)
  5. "Vous êtes si belle" (Totsi, choeurs)
  6. "Honneur au gouverneur" (choeurs)
  7. Duet: "Tant que je vivrai" (Michel, Vilma)
  8. "Papotages et commérages" (Ludovica, choeurs)
  9. "Mon ciel et ma chanson" (Michel)
  10. "Premier aveu' (Vilma)
  11. "Mon petit papa" (Vilma, Tibor)
  12. Musique militaire (orchestre)
  13. "Quand les soldats" (Totsi, Tibor er choeurs)
  14. "Rose de Noël" (Michel)
  15. Duet: "Pour aller ensemble" (Totsi, Tibor et choeurs)
  16. "Au temps des vendanges" (Michel, choeurs)
  17. Finale Act I
  18. "A la mode militaire" (Torsi et choeurs)
  19. "Modiste et modeste" (Torsi, Sandor)
  20. "Le château hanté" (Sandor, Popelka, Matthias)
  21. "Tant que je vivrai" - reprise (Vilma)
  22. "Déjà" (Michel)
  23. "Mon sieur er ma chanson" - reprise (Michel, Vilma)
  24. Finale


Sets: 5 Orchestra: 2222/423/Perc/Hp/Pft/Strings Language Version: F


Live cast recording 1992 - M10 Records #220062
Universal/Accord - Complete with dialogue - 472 871-2